Trucking Dispatch System

I approached Klaitech with a unique custom request for a new job I was starting. The company wanted me to find a way to replace Fed Ex for delivering baby plants to customers around the U.S. There are dozens of baby plant growers in our area that all use Fed-Ex for delivery January through May but the risk of freezing was a concern for all growers.

I needed a way for these growers to upload their orders to a website so they could be routed into truckloads, scheduled to be picked up, cross-docked, delivered to customers on temperature controlled trucks, and tracked. I also needed a way to create separate invoices for each grower on each load via a one-click invoice of the load.

Eric at Klaitech understood my challenging request and built a custom website that did exactly what I needed it to do. He built in enough flexibility to allow for the many changes and special requests that come with perishable products and multiple customers that have built their businesses around the convenience of Fed-Ex.

The website was a huge success and we now use it exclusively in our logistics department for all of our trucking of flowers and general freight.

Klaitech is quick to respond to questions, special requests, and custom programming. I usually get a response within 30 minutes of sending an email request.

I prefer a custom program because I’m not limited and boxed in by the boundaries of an out-of-the-box program that can’t be customized or enhanced to fit the changing needs of the company and requests of our customers. If I need an added feature or something automated I shoot Eric an email and within a few hours or a day or two (depending on the request) the change or enhancement is complete.

I highly recommend Klaitech solutions for any and all I.T. projects and/or requests.