Eric Klamer

Software Engineer

My Passion

My passion is solving problems with software.

I have been obsessed with technology my entire life. It led me to programming at the age of 10. I wrote math programs on my calculator throughout school. I got my first programming job during my freshman year in college, and I quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the top software engineers. I eventually ended up identifying and creating new software products that would add tremendous value to our existing clients as well as draw new ones in.

My Story

I began creating software solutions for businesses in 2011. I have extensive experience in understanding processes and delivering software solutions tailor-made to the pain points at hand.

During this time, I got to see first-hand the value of customized software. My software has saved thousands of hours of work and millions of dollars by reducing errors, reducing time spent by employees, and increasing revenue through creative features like automated upselling emails.

During this time, I discovered that small businesses were the least likely to have custom software. Most small business owners I talk to don't even know it is an option!

My Vision

I have worked with countless companies of all sizes in all industries. I know first hand the value of custom software. My belief is that every business should have access to software that can be customized for its unique processes.

Next Steps...

Contact me now to talk about your business and what you need in a web application.