You know exactly which software features could make a dramatic impact on your business.

  • Want to remind customers to reorder after a  certain amount of time?
  • Sick of typing order information into QuickBooks for 10 hours a week?
  • Tired of answering the phone to give a status update on that order?

Contact me today to talk about your business. I guarantee we will identify ways to increase your bottom line.

With one of my custom web applications, the sky is the limit on features that can be added to improve your business.

Here are just a few of the features I have created for companies that have had a major impact for them.

  • Amazon Alexa voice commands
  • Tracking inventory with barcoded labels and a scanner.
  • Tracking trucks with GPS units
  • Automated tracking notifications emailed and texted when a truck leaves the dock.
    • This feature cut dispatch's man-hours by an estimated 70%!
  • One-click to invoice multiple orders
  • A few more clicks to export them all to QuickBooks
  • An employee portal where each person can see their tasks, record notes, and check stuff off the list
  • Receive orders automatically from e-commerce stores
  • Store documents electronically
  • And many more!


What features do you need?

Contact me now to talk about what we can do to save you money with features designed specifically for your business.