Reduce Data Entry

Let your customers, clients, and vendors enter information for you with an online portal.

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Organize Your Data

That spreadsheet that runs your business is getting messy. Easily record and look up information with a database application.

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Automate Your Workflow

Save time by automatically sending emails, scheduling orders, generating documents, or invoicing with QuickBooks.

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Who I am

My name is Eric Klamer. I am a software engineer which means I solve business problems by creating software.

I have noticed a trend with small but growing businesses: their entire operation tends to revolve around a single spreadsheet.

What I Do

I create database applications for small businesses so they can grow without the painful limitations of a spreadsheet or inflexible software off the shelf.

How I Do It

  1. I meet with you to understand your business process and your data needs.
  2. I design a database application that captures the data you need.
  3. I think of features that will save you time and money like automating emails or allowing customers to enter orders.
  4. I work with you during the development process to make sure the software is accurately addressing your needs.
  5. After the whole process, your and I think of features that can save you time, and I add them. The software grows with your business.



Trucking Dispatch System

The website was a huge success and we now use it exclusively in our logistics department for all of our trucking of flowers and general freight. Klaitech is quick to respond to questions, special requests, and custom programming. I usually get a response within 30 minutes of sending an email request.… Read more “Trucking Dispatch System”

Opel Logistics

Next Steps...

If you think that a custom database application is right for your business, send me an email right now.

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